Why Do Business In Life Insurance

Business In Life Insurance Almost never a person who since childhood aspired as a life insurance agent. Can we prove, if we meet a small child, and we ask, what is the goal? Ten people we ask, then we find their answer a number of professions that boast of them, or boast of his parents. Whether it's a Doctor, a Pilot, a Lawyer, an Engineer, or something else. But nobody says that she wants to become an insurance agent, even if her parents also do business and career in the life insurance industry. Being a life insurance agent, it looks like the last resort. As if after failing in some other career or business, then this profession as a test event, while waiting for work or other business. Even if that happens, it is not wrong. Because indeed if you see the facts, it is the most common. Precisely the success of many people dibisnis this, precisely because of the factor kepepet.

Robert Kiyosaki's inspiration as outlined in his book on Cashflow Quadrant, gives us all new insights in earning income. By dividing into four quadrants, and giving the left and right, we finally understand that the Left quadrant is to be an Employee will depend on the salary received at the end of the month. And the average annual salary increase of employees ranges from 10%. While we know that inflation in our country is also moving at a number more or less the same. So it can be interpreted that the income received by the value of fixed up. To buy a house or a car, inevitably have to deal with the bank to get credit. An employee must be good at managing his finances and lifestyle, so that earned income can still be used for day-to-day purposes and is able to save for the needs of children's education and pensions.

Similarly in the left quadrant of Self Employee, this profession is not an employee, they are also own business owners. But the effort and continuity are highly dependent on individual skills. They may be an architect, a lawyer, a doctor, a designer, a director, a painter, or something else. Where their skills can not be replaced by others. Where work time is very limited, because it can not be represented in others. They can not be in two different places at the same time. So that their income there is a limit. And when they are sick or traveling, it will automatically affect their income.

The right quadrant part is divided into two. Business Owner side and Investor side. As a business owner they run their business with the system. Whether or not they exist, income keeps running normally. Management has been established, which is managed by the employees according to their respective fields and divisions. Those in this quadrant may be factory owners, franchisees, and the like. Investor side, is the situation where the money is working. Seconds to seconds, minute by minute money grows. This quadrant is like having a money farm. Actors in the right quadrant have entered the passive phase of income.

From there, all views are directed to the right quadrant. Side Business Owner and Investor. A business owner can earn income regardless of his presence. Because the system is running well. Even in the middle of vacation time, bank account can be filled by itself. But is it that easy? Certainly not. To get there, the biggest obstacle is the availability of capital. But in addition to capital also requires experience and mindset. Because to have a business seems to require a lot of capital.

Fear of losing capital when a business fails to become a major obstacle. In a sequel book written by the next Robert Kiyosari, Business School. To move the quadrant, from left to right there is a more instant way. He suggested to enter the network business. Where in the business scheme to passive income.

In practice, MLM networking business can, or also the insurance business. Especially for the insurance business, if you really want to work toward the right quadrant, you should study a network-based insurance company. Because not every insurance company has a system of compensation and work systems such as building a network. So that in the business scheme allows passive income, with certain requirements and time.

Why should the life insurance industry ?

Of course the first, is this business can be said without capital. Even if you have to spend money, itupun limited examination fees AAJI license (Association of Life Insurance Agents Indonesia). Currently 350 thousand. Many people object to paying. They are narrow-minded, why seek work should pay. Looking for work is different from looking for a business. If the search is logic does not have to go out of capital, because the goal is to get a salary each month. Looking for a business is aiming at opportunities, which sometimes have to dare to spend capital up front. Indeed, to move the quadrant is not only required capital, but need to change the mindset. For comparison, one who is applying for taxi drivers, who - excuse me, without intending to downplay the professions of an average income of 2 million per month, must have a General A License, which costs no less than 500 thousand. Or another example, seang fried rice vendors, who can only sell a maximum of 60 portions of fried rice per day / night selling, requiring more than 2 million capital to buy a cart. So to get out of the employee zone to the business owner, at least someone must be brave and willing to spend capital at the beginning. While in the insurance business, the required capital is relatively very small, compared to the potential income is great.

What are the opportunities in Indonesia ?

Seeing the potential in Indonesia, with so many people, almost 240 million people. The survey results until the end of 2012, the owner of life insurance policy in Indonesia is less than 4%. and even then still collected big city city. While in the area is still far from expectations. Other data say, the life insurance industry grows every year nearly 20%, even better than the bank. We compare with our neighbors Malaysia and Singapore, policyholders still range from 45% - 50% of the population. Especially when compared with Japan, where every average citizen has 3 policies. So in a long period of life insurance business in Indonesia is still very bright.

Many people think Indonesian people have not minded with insurance, so it will be difficult to sell insurance products. It is true that the situation exists in Indonesia. But because the condition of people who have not minded that makes this business have a very good opportunity. Very high commission competition will not be enjoyed when our society is aware of insurance. Suppose that at a certain time, when we offer insurance products and people buy directly because it is aware of the benefits of insurance, it is certain that insurance companies do not require the services of sellers like today, to be paid with high compensation. The insurance company simply opens a counter at a crowded place or a shopping mall, then people come by themselves and buy. And they just hired a sales counter to look good, and paid enough with minimum wage. So precisely in the current conditions, where awareness is insignificant insurance then the big opportunity is in front of us. High sales commissions, annual bonuses, other bonus bonuses, even overseas trips for free with luxurious amenities.

How about business ?

Talking about the business in the insurance industry, of course, we discuss is the system agency.
Business scheme in insurance is not as an employee. The agents are of a working partner. So there is no boss or boss. The work is our own, so we alone take care of it, nurture it and develop it. Compared to the career ladder of conventional business, it is very different. Take for example, for example in a bank, a marketing who always reach the target every month, even always over the target, whether automatically become a supervisor? Certainly not! He can be a supervisor only when his original supervisor gets a promotion, or switches assignments, or resigns. Even then he must compete with other people who excel, or the pet's boss or Branch Leader.

So to rise level, not just the achievements needed, but many other aspects that can determine. And to pursue being a leader, have to wait for the old leader out, and have to compete with his coworkers for a position. Being in the world of insurance, to rise levels are not dependent with others, and not fight over a position that must compete with others. In this case all have the same opportunity.
Achieved career path is the result of achievement and personal achievement, without having to sacrifice others. So increase the ladder without having to be based like and dislike. No reason likes or dislikes in promotions and demos. All can be pursued with achievement and measurable achievement. And with certain rules someone can and have the opportunity to have an independent office. And with the system allows one to have multiple offices in several cities.

Many questions, how can a person go through this business without a financial background ?

Actually not to worry about, because companies usually provide basic training. About product knowledge and basic rules rules. And of course do not miss training on how to sell, and sharing about the condition of the field with friends of the leader. The difference is when we open a conventional business, say we want to open a meatball stall. It will be difficult for us to find mentors, successful meatball entrepreneurs to be our mentors. Many of them even think of us as their competitors. In the insurance business that happened just the opposite. Successful leaders are ready to mentor, and transmit our experience and knowledge to us. Which of course everything speeds up a person to be successful.

What about 'job security' ?

In the insurance business, early entry from the lowest level, the position is the left quadrant as a self employee. Working with commission and bonus system because of the direct physical work. With a hike to the top of the agency, a person may be said to be in the right quadrant as a business owner. Earned income is no longer from direct physical labor. But already through overiding and bonus royalty. It is up to this position that a business owner needs job security.

Why is this important ?

Because in the conventional business age 55 years is retirement age. And at that age someone has no value. Conventional companies replace with new blood, young blood, fresh blood, and certainly with a cheaper salary. But in the insurance business there is no age that can hamper. While still willing to work the company can not ask for retirement. But this does not mean that the insurance businessman must work until the old age. But it shows that as long as we are willing to work, we still have job opportunities.

And in Generali, with the 757 system, it is possible to retire at an easy age. By working 7 years, gaining business royalty 5 generations, by building 7 Business Director network. What is security means, what about our business when one day we are age, or when critically ill, even death.

Again this is an important part in choosing a business. Many events when someone pioneered the business, because of health problems, or even died, the business must be willing to have other people. Here with the existing rules, a Business Director can leave his business to family or trusted or appointed person to continue his business.

A lot of work or business that can provide good opportunities and income, but not all businesses can provide satisfaction in the work. In the insurance business, we indirectly help others to organize their financial future. When we offer, as if many people do not like or even avoid. But the insurance agent does not need to be forgotten by the widow of the deceased customer. Because those who accept claims, especially when claims are paid when they are in dire need. Not a few, sorry, husbands when they die, do not inherit property, but instead provide a debt relief that must be paid either on the bank, credit card, accounts payable, or individual.

With the payment of claims, will help their finances. As an insurance agent what to do is certainly a noble task. Which is when families grieve the loss of loved ones, they also lose the source of breadwinner. Given the claims paid at least will help from the financial side. As an agent when doing the calculation of the correct sum insured, then the claim money will be very useful, because it has done the analysis of calculations.

In this business, in addition to getting good commissions and compensation, what a noble thing does because it can help others. The selection of insurance business in no way undermines the meaning of other businesses but merely gives the eyes of a new discourse, a new alternative that brings the quadrant movement without calculating the capital issue.

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