Secrets of Business Opportunities Credit

Secrets Opportunities Credit To develop a credit business is not really difficult. In this business you buy an item that consumers need and then they will pay the monthly installment to you with the nominal value that has been set by taking advantage in it. There are several ways that your money can spin quickly and earn huge profits. First, limit the nominal value of the goods ordered by the customer, though not too small. The smaller the nominal value, the more stuff you credit.

Business Opportunities Credit In the credit business of goods as you do this is the most important belief that you give to the consumer. If there is one consumer who violates the agreement that has been made, of course, a bit much can disrupt the continuity of the business.

How to know whether a business is successful and progressing, namely by seeing the absence of bad loans. In the absence of bad debts, of course your money keeps spinning and of course the profits you earn will grow even larger.

Secrets Opportunities Credit

Regardless of whether or not the credit transactions, I will disclose the secrets of the system of sale and purchase on credit. If I personally avoid the system of buying and selling on credit, but actually there are other ways if you want to sell goods on credit, essentially selling the goods at the same price and not differentiated.

Some time ago I met with my junior high school friends, he is now a mortgage loomer in the area of ​​Semarang, from my friend I get the secrets of the benefits of creditor who makes me amazed and quite surprised to hear it.

According to my friend, the credit skipper takes advantage of up to 90-100% of the goods they are crediting, for example, a pot with a normal price of Rp 20.000,00, if sold on credit then the price becomes 35-40 thousand depending on bargaining that occurs with customers . What makes customers want to buy is a payment system that is not too burdensome, usually per day only deposit Rp 2.000, 00 course, of course this is hunt.

The profits are so large that it is still shared with its employees, those who work under the skipper get a profit of 15% of the sale. For example the pot that was sold at a price of 40 thousand, then the employee get 6 thousand dollars. Is it small? Not really! Because they have nearly hundreds of customers who buy their goods on credit, if some expensive items can be sold for hundreds of thousands, then at least those employees can pocket 2-3 million every month.
Although the employees are getting big enough results, but winning a lot is his boss, well 85% profit earned it very much and tantalizing. Usually the credit skipper will get rich quickly in just 1-2 years just because their benefits are doubled.

If profits are tempting, then why do not employees open their own businesses? The main problem is capital, because the system of buying and selling on credit requires a fairly large capital, tens and even hundreds of millions they must provide to start this business so that the goods provided many kinds.

Then the business system is also sometimes not understood by the employees, because they are accustomed to offer goods to the mothers on credit, and their duty to supervise the mothers to pay off the dependents on time so they can get a profit of 15% earlier. If they could learn this business system from their boss, I think 5 out of 10 employees would open their own business, because of the huge profits.

Okay, the mortgagee does have a very lucrative advantage, but all the businesses that run will not be as imagined as it is in fact many problems that will happen, his name is also alive. For those who want to try business with credit system please start and try to get the maximum profit from this one way.

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