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Business Opportunity Insurance 2017 If a child is asked, what will his ideals be? Almost certainly no one aspires to be an insurance agent. When asked the ideals, of course the child will automatically answer with some answers that have been heard, such as wanting to become doctors, soldiers, police, pilots, architects, and other types of work that looks great in their eyes.

Unfortunately, the reality sometimes says something other than the dream. Not everyone can be a doctor because of the expensive tuition fees or academic ability does not support that direction. In addition, not everyone can be an architect because the science is difficult to learn. Nor are all children able to be soldiers because of their heavy physical training.

Since not everyone can get his dream job, most of us work according to the needs of the company or employment or cost of living demands. Some even have to work on salaries that are not worth the number of hours worked and responsibilities that must be borne. This is the reality that many happen in life that felt lame, especially the world of work in Indonesia.

Therefore, opening a business or doing business can be another option in overturning the situation. We can easily see every day there are new franchise businesses emerging. Or a new Small Medium (SME) business that spawns unique products targeting specific markets or innovations based on field experiences that are often not found in schools.

One business opportunity with high potential for success is the insurance business. The less people who glance at this business, the greater the potential for profit. If you want to do business with a broad market and relatively light competition, you can start with insurance business.

Why Take Insurance Business ?

Indonesia is the country with the fourth largest population in the world. While only 4% of the total population of Indonesia who already have a life insurance policy on their own behalf. So, the opportunity to be successful in this business is very large, considering there are still very few who take life insurance.

Indonesia has 133 million inhabitants of the upper middle class and its numbers are increasing. Improved living standards and maintained economic stability have attracted many people to take advantage of insurance. Maintaining economic stability is also accompanied by an increase in education. Many people then feel the need to prepare for the future by using life insurance.

Other data that support the potential of the insurance business is almost 60% of investors in Indonesia have no retirement plan. By targeting investors who have more funds, the insurance business can grow better. In addition, the Government also supports the development of the insurance industry through the Financial Services Authority (OJK) by prioritizing educational programs to awaken the public about the importance of insurance.

Insurance Business Opportunities in the Area Still Very Great ?

The potential of insurance business opportunities in Indonesia is higher with survey results that prove most insurance policy holders are in big cities. For small towns and areas there are still many unspoiled.

When compared to neighboring countries, such as Malaysia and Singapore, about 45-50% of the population already holds an insurance policy. In fact, in Japan, every average citizen has almost three insurance policies. So, in the long term, the insurance business in Indonesia has a very bright potential.

If some of us assume that the people of Indonesia still do not understand the importance of insurance, does not mean to be a barrier for us to run this business. Precisely with the lack of information on the importance of insurance, will be a great potential for us to offer insurance.

Imagine, if people already understand how important insurance is to their needs, companies no longer need to hire agents. They only need to open a post or stand for information and registration services. People will come by themselves. With the low awareness of community insurance, it becomes a great opportunity for us to earn high sales commissions and big annual bonuses.

Knowing Business Schemes in Insurance Companies ?

After knowing the magnitude of insurance business opportunities, we need to know the business system that runs in the insurance company. The business scheme in the insurance company is not a superior-subordinate model, but as an agent whose nature is a working partner. Employment as an insurance agent is our own. We ourselves also maintain, care for, and develop it.

Unlike the career ladder of conventional business. For example, we work as marketing in a bank. When we reach the sales target, we do not automatically rise. To be able to get promotion, we must wait for our boss to resign or move task. Not to mention if you have to compete with office friends to get the same position. So, to rise to a higher career level, not just the achievements needed, but many other things that can determine.

As for the insurance business, up the career ladder is not dependent with others and does not fight for a position that must compete with other co-workers. Because all have the same opportunity.

What If I Do not Have Knowledge About Finance ?

After knowing how big the potential of insurance business in Indonesia and you are interested to start this business, beyond doubt the doubt arise because felt did not have knowledge about finance. You also feel inferior if berkutat in this financial field if you have to explain to the client.

For these conditions, you need not worry. Every insurance company will usually provide basic training (training) to its agents about product knowledge and basic rules. In addition, insurance companies will provide training on how to sell a proven success and sharing about the conditions in the field with leaders who have previously plunged into the business.

Very different if we want to open a conventional business, like a food stall. We will find it difficult to get the right mentor to help us develop our food stalls business. In fact, they may think of us as competitors and need to be removed. While in the insurance business, the successful mentors are happy to share their knowledge and experience to become successful insurance agents. Did not rule out this will make it easier for us to succeed.

Is Business Insurance Safe For Us ?

If we work for a conventional company, we will face an average retirement age of 55 years. After that, the company will replace with other employees who are younger, stronger, and certainly with lower salary value than have to hire more senior employees.

However, in the insurance business, there is no word retirement. Age will never be an obstacle for us to continue to earn money from the insurance business. While still willing to work, the company can not ask for retirement. However, it does not mean also insurance businessmen have to work until old age.

In addition, if we run an insurance business, a business director can inherit the business he runs to his family members or heirs or trusted people. Family heirs will still benefit even if the business is gone.

Insurance Business Helping Yourself and Others ?

Running an insurance business means we indirectly help other people manage their financial future. Do not be discouraged if at the time we offer, many are avoiding and openly expressed dislike. However, with the success of convincing someone to become a customer of a life insurance program, we will benefit the family member left behind.

As an agent, if our client dies, we can play a role by helping the beneficiary to get his rights as an insurance policy holder. They will certainly find it helpful because of their ease when filing a claim as the right of the insurance policyholder.

We need to realize, many families when abandoned their husbands or fathers, their economic conditions become unstable because their backbone is gone. However, with insurance, family heirs can get fresh funds that they can use to get on with life, for example by opening a new business.

By looking at the potential magnitude of the insurance business in Indonesia, starting this business can be the key to your success. In addition, the various benefits that can be obtained when running the insurance business compared with conventional business can be a plus for us to not hesitate and worried to start running this business.

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