General Definition of Products

General Definition of Products - In business, the product is goods or services that can be traded. In marketing, a product is anything that can be offered to a market and can satisfy a desire or need. In the retailer level, the product is often referred to as a merchandise. In manufacturing, products are purchased in the form of raw goods and sold as finished goods. Products in the form of raw goods such as metal or agricultural products are often referred to as commodities.

The word product comes from the English product which means "something produced by labor or the like". The working form of the word product, ie produce, is the absorption of the Latin prddūce (re), which means (to) lead or bring something forward. In 1575, the word "product" refers to anything produced ("anything produced"). But since 1695, the definition of the word product refers to something produced ("thing or things produced"). The product in the economic sense was first introduced by economist-politician Adam Smith. In broader use, a product may refer to a good or unit, a group of the same product, a group of goods and services, or an industrial grouping of goods and services.

Understanding Products and Product Types is something that can be offered to the market to be noticed, used, owned, or consumed so as to satisfy the desires or needs. From this sense it can be concluded that almost everything that includes production is a visible, palpable, and perceived real thing. Because the product is a real item, then the type is quite a lot.

Broadly speaking the types of products we can break down into two types, namely consumer products and industrial products. Consumer products are goods used by end-consumers or households with the intent not to be commercialized or sold again. Goods that include this type of consumer products include the following:

1. Convenience goods, which are generally purchased items, are immediate and require very little effort to own them, such as groceries, batteries, and so on.

2. Goods shopping (shopping goods), ie goods in the purchase process purchased by consumers by comparing based on the suitability of quality, price, and models, such as clothing, shoes, soap, and so forth.

3. Special goods (speaciality goods), which are goods that have unique characteristics or a brand of cash where the consumer group strives to own or buy, such as cars, cameras, and so forth.

Industrial products (business products), are goods that will become so widely used in marketing development programs. Industrial goods can also be further specified types, among others, as follows.

1. Raw materials, ie goods that will be physically raw materials to produce other products, such as forest products, wheat, and so forth.

2. Raw materials and spare parts of factories, ie industrial goods used for actual parts for other products, such as machinery, sand, and so forth.

3. Operational supplies, ie goods of daily necessities for the industrial sector, such as office equipment, and others.

A description of 3 Product Understanding and Product Type, may be useful.

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