Source of Business Capital and Capital

Source of Business Capital and Capital - Any business must need capital, whatever that amount. Capital is often the main obstacle that hinders in building a business, whether it is less capital or even have no capital at all. A lot of entrepreneurs who can not develop their business because of limited capital. Then whether to stop just like that? Should not ,, as entrepreneurs, then start looking for sources of financing for your business. It is not easy to determine the source of financing that suits the needs of the business. Because there are several alternative sources of business financing available, but to know is how to get and manage it well.

Before trying to get the funds, need to be calculated in detail how about the business capital needed. Usually business capital is reserved for 3 months, 6 months, even 1 year, vary according to the size of the small business.

Sources of capital

Generally, capital fund can be obtained in 3 ways, among others:

1. Own Fund

Using own funds is mostly done by entrepreneurs in capitalizing their business. Use of these funds is possible if you have a cash deposit in the bank or a mutual fund.

With this personal fund, we can be more flexible in the use of the amount of funds at any time, and free to allocate funds in accordance with their own decisions. At the same time you will be free of interest, profit cuts and no need to share the results with other parties.

Nevertheless, sometimes using own funds also have weaknesses such as lack of control in the use of funds, negligent in financial records, and if losers then have to bear their own losses.

2. Loan funds

If you do not have a deposit of personal funds and lack of funds, then another alternative is loan funds. The following are various loan fund alternatives (especially bank credit) :

a. Business Loans

Business loans at various Banks are packaged under different names. Business loans are provided in accordance with the type of business each. Usually the banking business credit is divided into investment credit and working capital credit, or it may be a combination of both. For entrepreneurs who want to take this credit facility must learn and meet the required requirements. It is advisable to seek business credit in banks that support SME and Government banks, given the low interest rates.

b. Unsecured Loans (KTA)

Some banking institutions launched the Unsecured Loan (KTA) program, which is an individual loan that does not use collateral as a guarantee for consumptive purposes. For business starters, this credit can be one source of funding for those who do not require large amounts of credit. Generally, the credit given ranges from 5 million to a maximum of 150 million, with varying length of time. For those who want to start a new business may have trouble getting it. But if you still work as an employee, then you can use the profession to get this credit in order to build a business.

c. Credit of BPR (Rural Bank)

Credit facilities from BPRs are relatively easier in terms of requirements and processes than in commercial banks. BPRs serve people who need business funding, especially SMEs, with systems and requirements that tend to be easy. But keep in mind the interest rate tends to be higher than commercial banks, with a relatively shorter period of time.

d. Leasing or Lease Back

Leasing is a funding program provided by a financial institution in the form of a funding company, where the loan is not in the form of cash, but in the form of purchases of movable assets of a company such as a motor vehicle.

While lease back is a loan given to businesses that require cash with the guarantee BPKB owned motor vehicles.

e. Perum Pegadaian

A government-owned financial institution to disburse a loan with a certain guaranteed item, with a relatively low interest rate and is calculated per 2 weeks. You can choose the pawn products offered in accordance with the needs of the business, such as KCA (Fast Credit Safe), Krasida (Pawning Credit Installment Loan), or Kreasi (Fiducial Credit Installment Credit).

f. Cooperative

Cooperatives that distribute funding are credit cooperatives (Kopdit) or KSP (savings and credit cooperatives). Generally the required requirement is you must be a member of the cooperative. By becoming a member and making deposits, then you are entitled to a credit facility. Because in general, cooperatives only serve credit for its members only.

g. Loans of SOEs

Funds used as loans from SOEs are partnership funds that are partly derived from corporate earnings set aside for small entrepreneurs. This partnership fund program is also called Partnership Program and Community Development (PKBL) BUMN. SOEs that have this partnership program include PT Jamsostek, Pertamina, PT GAs Negara, and so forth. For this information can be found in the Ministry of SOEs)

h. Loan Department

The government also provides small business credit programs through several departments. There are three departments that have financing facilities for SMEs, namely the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Cooperatives and the Ministry of Industry. Especially for restaurant businesses, the department that allows to provide loans is the Department of Cooperatives.

3. Joint Business Fund (joint)

If you have friends or relatives who have the potential to have more funds can be negotiated to participate to be a large amount of financiers or a small part of your business. Try to make a mature restaurant concept planning and then do a presentation and then negotiate about the needs of capital, amount, timeframe, and the sharing of the profit from the business every month. Do not forget to make a list of potential relationships before, to get a bigger loan opportunity.

The most important point and should be kept in mind is to carefully calculate the amount of capital needed, and then consider the advantages and disadvantages of choosing external sources of funding. Do not be awkward to find as much information as you can about the funding source you want. Do not let your new business run but already burdened with high interest rates.

In the end the decision is in your hands, because it is necessary in the matter of capital thought wise. Hopefully the above post can help you in making decisions.

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