8 Capital Resources to Establish Business

8 Capital Resources to Establish Business - Capital in establishing a business is very important, because capital is not only defined as money, but it can also be capital expertise or experience. But in this case we discussed is the source of capital / funds to establish a business / business. We need to know, that more than 90% of rich people have a business / business, of course, their business is built from bottom / zero, meaning they also pioneered the business by using minimal or makeshift capital. The secret of their success begins with such minimal capital. The results they get are not for fun, but they continue to expand their business network, so they are spread everywhere.

Lha continue what if I have a dream to own a business, but the capital / finance is still minimal ..? Do not worry, actually there are many sources of capital to establish business, 8 sources of venture capital are:

1. Own Capital
Take a moment to remember the things you already have, such as mobile phones, motorcycles, jewelry, electronic goods, savings, etc. You can use as collateral to borrow funds, or you can mortgage or sold to get capital.

2. Borrow Friend / Brother
Thank God we have good friends, who are willing to lend money, or we have a brother or a wealthy Parent, so we can more easily obtain capital, another advantage if we borrow funds from the family that is not many requirements, no interest, and term time is more flexible.

3. Capital of Cooperation with Other Parties
We involve others who have a number of shares as our venture capital. Usually we have an agreement with the person and pay attention to what he wants.

4. Non Formal Institutions
Part of the usefulness of forming an association is as a source of capital. We can participate in activities such as arisan to get capital in turns, also funds from PKK, pengajian, organization, etc ..

5. Partnership
There are 2 kinds of partnerships that you can make a source of capital:
Investor Partnership: we work with people who have the capital, but he can not do business / business. He has the funds, we have his knowledge.
Supplier Partnership: buy goods from suppliers and make payments in the future.

6. Pawnshop
Mortgage valuable goods to get capital. We need to bring the goods we will pledge to get the loan. In the pawnshop the process is quick and easy.

7. Non-Bank Institution
By becoming a member of the cooperative, we can obtain loan funds according to the guaranteed goods. In MFIs (Microfinance Institutions) do not require collateral, and loans can be negotiated.

8. Bank
The small amount of the loan in the bank can be in accordance with our wishes, but there are requirements that we must meet

If you see 8 sources of capital above, now depends on you, want to get the source of capital to run the business from where? You alone determine, but for me, the easier is the capital itself and the capital of friends, relatives and parents.

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